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Amy Holmes, PharmD, BCPPS

Clinical Specialty: Neonatal intensive care

Brief Rotation Description: On my rotation residents spend their morning rounding with the multidisciplinary team in our 56 bed level IIIb NICU. With pediatric residents, medical and NNP students, and neonatology fellows, it is an environment very conducive to learning. Afternoons are often spent doing topic discussions, attending meetings, or working on special projects. Topic discussion include but are not limited to neonatal abstinence syndrome, medications in lactation, apnea or prematurity, respiratory distress syndrome, chronic lung disease, and TORCH infections.

Projects: Antimicrobial stewardship in the NICU (focus on late onset sepsis in 2017); developing a writing program for the residency program; evaluating effects of long-acting progesterone only contraception on lactation in pump-dependent women; system-wide effort to reduce cost of cervical ripening.


Amanda Edwards, PharmD, BCPS, BCOP, CPP

Clinical Specialty: Transplantation and cellular therapy

Brief Rotation Description: Oncology is an elective four to six week learning experience at Novant Health Forsyth medical Center. There are 34 inpatient oncology beds. The oncology team consists of medical oncologists, gynecological oncologists, hospitalists, physician extenders and the clinical pharmacy specialists along with nutritionists, case management, nurses, physical, occupation and speech therapy and consulting services including palliative care. The clinical pharmacy specialist on the team is responsible for ensuring safe and effective medication use for all patients admitted to the team. Routine responsibilities on rotation include therapeutic drug monitoring, anticoagulation, chemotherapy regimen review and evaluation, active participation in morning rounds, daily palliative care rounds, education of healthcare providers, patients and caregivers and participation in oncology and palliative care committees/meetings.


  • Current
    • Resident project: Retrospective evaluation of the management of immune mediated toxicities post immunotherapy in cancer patients across Novant Health
    • Resident Medication Use Evaluation (MUE): Assessment of safety outcomes associated with serum creatinine capped dosing of carboplatin
  • Various ongoing projects related to chemotherapy stewardship, staff education and oncology treatment plan reviews


Christina Roels, PharmD, BCPS, CPP

Clinical Specialty: Neurology

Brief Rotation Description: Neurology/Neurocritical care is an elective, 4-6 week learning experience at NHFMC. NHFMC is a Joint Commission Comprehensive Stroke Center. The service is a rounding team service with the pharmacists playing an integral role in optimizing medication therapies. The rounding service includes the Neuro-ICU, Intermediate Neuro-critical care unit, the Neurosciences floor, the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, and the Outpatient Stroke Bridge Clinic.


  • The Joint Commission
    • VTE Technical Advisory Panel Member
  • External research
    • Sub-investigator: CREST-II, ARAMIS
    • Primary investigator: MARISS trial
  • Internal research
    • Clinical Outcomes of Thrombophilia Testing in Ischemic Stroke Patients: an Economic Analysis (project with PGY1 resident), Cross-sectional Study of Vitamin D Deficiency and Insufficiency in NHFMC Neurosciences, Statin Prescribing Practices after Intracerebral Hemorrhage (collaborative multi-site project), Assessment of Four Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrates (KCentra) Dosing Practices within Neurocritical Care (collaborative multi-site project)
    • Optimizing internal anticoagulation reversal time for intracranial hemorrhage


Jeremy Hodges, RPh, BCPS

Clinical Specialty: Medical/surgical intensive care

Brief Rotation Description: As a member of our advanced pharmacy practice model, residents will provide pharmacy consult services to physicians and patients in our 30 bed ICU, including pharmacokinetic dosing, renal dosing, and documentation of interdisciplinary recommendations in the medical record. The goal for the resident is to independently perform the duties of the clinical specialist by the end of the learning experience.

Projects: Opportunities include projects related to sepsis, sedation, pain, vasoactive agents, respiratory, and acid-base therapies.


Ryan Kammer, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Specialty: Cardiology

Brief Rotation Description: The Acute Care Cardiology rotation consists of 4-6 weeks in the 24-bed cardiac ICU and step-down units. The clinical pharmacy specialist (CPS) is responsible for optimizing medication therapy and providing drug information to healthcare providers and patients. The CPS is the lead pharmacist on the cardiac team, consisting of clinical staff pharmacists and technicians. The CPS attends multiple service line meetings, leads the cardiac subcommittee of P&T, and assists with order set and policy development. Throughout the rotation, the resident will progressively take on the responsibilities of the preceptor (CPS). The preceptor will directly mentor the resident initially, and continue to facilitate learning as the resident progresses during the rotation.


Chue Lee, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Specialty: Behavioral health

Brief Rotation Description: The behavioral health rotation is a 4-6 weeks interactive learning experience focused on adult psychiatric populations. There are 40 beds on 2BH1 & 2 and 12 beds on 9BH (geriatric). The behavioral health team includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, along with case managers, nurses, pharmacists, and RT/OT. The clinical pharmacy specialist (CPS) on the team is responsible for ensuring each patient admitted to the service receives safe and effective medication therapy. The CPS provides drug information to all staff as necessary. The CPS attends treatment team meetings, performance improvement committee meetings, joint practice meetings, teaches patient education groups and oversees policy development. The resident will have several opportunities for teaching experience (BH grand rounds, patient groups, nursing meetings, individualized patient education on specific medications (clozapine/LAI) during the rotation.


  • Current
    • Long acting antipsychotic initiation (LAI), transitions of care support for LAI, substance abuse with focus on Vivitrol injection, clozapine.
  • Future
    • Develop a collaborative drug therapy management psychiatric medication monitoring protocol. Develop an investigational drug study using long acting antipsychotics in early onset schizophrenia.

Evan Tatum, PharmD, BCPS

Evan TatumClinical Specialty: Cardiothoracic surgery

Brief Rotation Description: The cardiovascular surgery rotation involves coverage of the cardiovascular surgery intensive care unit and related step-down unit. Strong focus will be placed on advanced understanding of invasive hemodynamic monitoring techniques. Responsbilities include, but are not limited to: optimizing medication therapy and providing drug information to healthcare assistance with order set and policy development within the cardiothoracic service line. Throughout the preceptor will directly mentor the resident initially, and continue to facilitate learning as the resident progresses during the rotation.


Sarah Green, PharmD, BCPS

Sarah GreenClinical Specialty: Clinical pharmacy specialist, ID

Brief Rotation Description: My rotation provides the opportunity for residents to participate in antimicrobial stewardship activities across multiple acute care centers in the Novant Health system. This unique practice will provide the resident direct experience in management of multiple facilities simultaneously, each with their own patient populations, resistance profiles, and education oppotunities. Collaboration with the Infectious Diseases MD/PA team, Microbiology Laboratory, and Infection Control at each site as available will be an ongoing component of this community-focused rotation.

Projects: Ongoing stewardship education for providers and pharmacists across sites, resident project precepting, Clostridium difficile infection prevention.


Amanda Teachey, PharmD

Amanda TeacheyClinical Specialty: Emergency medicine

Brief Rotation Description:Brief Rotation Description: The emergency medicine rotation consists of 4-6 weeks in the 84 bed emergency department at Forsyth Medical Center. During the rotation, residents will work with a multidisciplinary provider team, and will have the opportunity to respond to all medical emergencies including, but not limited to: strokes, STEMIs, cardiac arrests, and rapid sequence intubations. Residents will perform chart reviews in order to optimize medication therapy, assist with ED culture review, provide education to ED staff including nurses and providers, and answer drug information questions as needed. The preceptor will directly mentor the resident initially, and the resident will progressively gain the responsibilities of the preceptor throughout the rotation. By the end of the learning experience, the goal is for the resident to independently perform the duties of the clinical specialist.

Projects: Antidote stocking policy, ED culture review, mass casualty preparation


Laura Coles, PharmD, BCCCP

Clinical Specialty: Surgical services, gastroenterology

Brief Rotation Description: The Surgery rotation consists of 4-6 weeks in surgical services at Forsyth Medical Center. It may also involve surgery support for other hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers across Novant Health. While on rotation, the resident will work in conjunction with the clinical pharmacy specialist (CPS) to serve as point person for any surgery related pharmacy issues. The primary responsibility is ensuring pharmaceutical needs are met for each patient on the surgery service. Support is provided to order verification and core clinical pharmacists, nurses and providers. Other responsibilities include attending multidisciplinary rounds, assisting with the management of drug shortages and formulary management, involvement in surgical services policy development, and attending surgery service line meetings. Throughout the rotation, the resident will progressively take on the responsibilities of the preceptor (CPS). The preceptor will directly mentor the resident initially, and continue to facilitate learning as the resident progresses in ability.


Robert Crawford III, PharmD

Clinical Specialty: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist - Infectious Diseases

Brief Rotation Description: Residents will be able to continue developing expertise in the field of Infectious Diseases by completing antimicrobial stewardship activities at a tertiary care facility and multiple acute care centers within the Novant Health system. This unique rotation structure allows the resident to engage with multiple different kinds of providers, learn about different types of infections, tackle resistance patterns, and collaborate with different preceptors to help care for patients in a wide variety of practice settings. There will be opportunities for the resident to lead topic discussions, journal club, and medication reviews to improve their communication skills and knowledge base to help them practice stewardship as they progress through their career.

Projects: Stewardship education across Novant Health System, AUC:MIC monitoring for vancomycin, and resident-led research projects. UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at Baptist Memorial Hospital – Memphis, Memphis, TN. PGY2 Infectious Disease Residency at UF Health Shands Hospital, Gainesville, FL.