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Student nurse apprenticeship (SNAP)

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Join our team to become a Student Nurse Apprentice

We are pleased to introduce Novant Health's restructured Student Nurse Apprenticeship Program (SNAP).

What is SNAP? – Student nurse apprentices work independently as a certified nursing assistant with the ability to perform nursing skills at the discretion of and under the supervision of the registered nurse.

Who is eligible? – Any rising senior nursing student with their CNAI or CNAII certification.

When does it occur? – Offered summer.

Where does it occur? – All service lines at all facilities within the Greater Charlotte Market, Greater Winston Salem Market and Rowan Thomasville Region.

Benefits: Flexible work schedule, competitive pay, guaranteed nurse residency interview.

How do I join? – Submit application here using position ID:

All Markets: 2021-112001

Open SNAP roles

Open roles for the Brunswick, Charlotte and Winston-Salem markets.

Apply here

Open SNAP roles

Open roles in the Wilmington market.

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