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Nurse residency FAQs

RN Nurse Residency Frequently Asked Questions

All residency positions are full-time. We believe that to become a fully competent nurse, it takes full time employment the first year. However, we are happy to discuss special situations on a case-by-case basis.

Resident shifts are assigned at the unit level and are based on preceptor availability. If the resident has achieved independent practice, shift assignments are made based on unit need. Residents are encouraged to discuss shift preferences with unit managers. Most residents work between 36-40 hours per week depending on class schedules and specialty.

Rotations are approximately every 12-14 weeks.

We are a 12-month comprehensive, accredited with distinction, nurse residency program.

All new graduate nurses from an accredited RN program with less than 12 months of experience.

All Novant Health acute care facilities: 

Forsyth Medical Center- Winston-Salem, NC

Medical Park Hospital- Winston- Salem, NC

Kernersville Medical Center- Kernersville, NC

Clemmons Medical Center- Clemmons, NC

Thomasville Medical Center- Thomasville, NC

Presbyterian Medical Center- Charlotte, NC

Mint Hill Medical Center- Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Orthopedic Hospital- Charlotte, NC

Huntersville Medical Center- Huntersville, NC.

Matthews Medical Center- Matthews, NC

Rowan Medical Center- Salisbury, NC

New Hanover Regional Medical Center- Wilmington, NC

Yes, we are proud to sponsor international candidates who have completed their RN education in the United States. We also have an international program that sponsors currently practicing RNs an opportunity to be sponsored by Novant Health.

If you have one full year as a practicing RN, you are not required to participate in the Nurse Residency Program. 

If you have less than a year of RN experience, your resumé will be reviewed by the residency leadership team to determine if you should participate in the residency program or should be hired directly to a unit. 

If you want to change specialties in your first year, the nurse residency is your best option.

Waitlist means that you are a very strong candidate, but we have already hired all the nurses we can for that specialty. If one of those nurses declines a position, we can then offer those on our waitlist the opportunity to join our team.

Yes, you are a full time and fully benefited employee. You are a part of our RN team!

Yes, we hire you typically before you graduate with your degree. We allow you to start prior to passing the NCLEX, but most residents prefer to start after they have passed. If for any reason you are unsuccessful, we hold your place through the next attempt.

We have hire dates in the spring, summer, and fall (Approximately 9 start dates per year).

In your interview we will ask for your top three choices. You complete one interview for all geographic and specialty preferences within Novant Health.

Novant Health does not require a contract for the Nurse Residency Program. We hope you love us and want to stay! But if you need to change your work situation for whatever reason, you are free to leave Novant Health at any time.

No, please apply as soon as possible during your senior year. Typically, we hire 6 months prior to graduation.

We want to get to know you – what you like, what kind of nurse you want to be and why you entered this profession. We also want you to know about the nurse residency program and Novant Health. Expect a conversation.

Nurse residents enter Novant Health at the starting rate for an RN. We monitor market conditions and keep RN salaries competitive with state and national rates. If you have paramedic experience and are hired to the emergency department, or if you have LPN experience, you will receive partial credit for that experience and a higher beginning salary.

We offer relocation assistance for residents who are relocating at least 100 miles. Talk to your recruiter to find out more.

We allow you to work as a graduate nurse while waiting to retest, or we can hold your offer until the next hire date after you pass. You have 2 attempts with your current offer. After that, you will need to reapply after you successfully complete the NCLEX.

No, we hire nurses who want to deliver remarkable nursing care from all academic programs.

If you have been selected for the nurse residency program, a recruiter will call you to extend an offer and communicate next steps. This can take 1-4 weeks, depending on where we are with the interview cycle. If you were not selected for the nurse residency, your application portal will be updated with this information. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.