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Chue Black, BCPS, CPP

Title: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Rotation(s): Behavioral health
Description of learning experience: This is an integrative behavioral health rotation located at a primary care clinic. Patients are referred to the clinical pharmacist specialist for medication management and assessment for triaging to a higher level of care if needed. The learning experience will focus on depression, anxiety, insomnia, and tobacco cessation but may also include bipolar disorder schizophrenia, and substance use disorder.
Current projects: Long acting antipsychotic initiation (LAI), transitions of care support for LAI, substance abuse with focus on Vivitrol injection. Initiating a smoking cessation program at various clinic sites.
Future projects: Develop an injection site clinic for long acting antipsychotics injections and Vivitrol. Develop an investigational drug study using long acting antipsychotics in early onset schizophrenia.
Email: c.lee@novanthealth.org

Catherine Joyner PharmD, BCACP

Title: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Rotation(s): Transitions of Care (TOC) PGY1, Drug information PGY1, Seminar PGY2
Description of learning experience: TOC: Transition pharmacists provide medication reconciliation and therapeutic interventions by ensuring appropriate preventative and treatment medication regimens upon hospital discharge. High-risk patients are prioritized, and pharmacists work collaboratively with the care coordination team consisting of nurses, social workers, and dieticians to ensure that patients receive optimal care. The resident will have the opportunity to develop skills in transitions of care via full chart reviews, assessment for appropriate pharmacotherapy for a variety of indications, drug information, and also receive referrals for general medication management needs, including medication adherence. 
DI: Drug Information (DI) is a longitudinal learning experience that will provide residents with an opportunity to receive DI questions from Novant Health medical group providers, Care Connections pharmacists, nurses, and other health care providers. In addition, residents will complete a drug monograph and participate in newsletters that will be published monthly.
Seminar: This activity is designed to improve the resident pharmacist ability to select and evaluate medical literature such as guidelines and primary research articles and apply the concepts to a patient case. This learning experience also provides the resident opportunity to practice and develop presentation skills.
Ongoing projects: Central refill service, student precepting
School of pharmacy: Campbell University School of Pharmacy
Email: cdjoyner@novanthealth.org

Cindy Kennedy, BSPharm

Title: Retail Pharmacist
Rotation(s): Medication Therapy Management
Description of learning experience: To perform the various function of Medication Therapy Management using Mirixa and Outcomes platforms. Familiarize the resident with direct patient and provider contact for the purpose of increasing patient knowledge and adherence of medications.
Ongoing projects: Implement vaccination programs at Novant Health Pharmacies specifically the role of activating and training for the North Carolina Immunization Registry. Brittay Linthicum, PharmD; Jessica McDuffie, PharmD; Andrew Wright, PharmD. Pharmacy redesign team- accessing pharmacy function in regards to patient care, capture rate and retainment. Karen Ewing, PharmD; Jay Brown, PharmD
School of pharmacy: University of South Carolina
Email: cskennedy@novanthealth.org

Deanna Rattray, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP

Title: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Residency Program Director – PGY2 Am Care
Rotation(s): Chief resident, Drug information, Virtual warfarin
Description of learning experience: Chief resident takes on a leadership role with the am care resident team for coordinating, communicating and facilitating select activities. Drug information activities include a drug information service, monograph, newsletters and other presentation and/or communication opportunities throughout the year. Virtual warfarin services provides the resident with an opportunity to manage anticoagulation in a non-traditional setting.
Ongoing projects: Warfarin transitions of care quality improvement project/FMEA; medication reconciliation work group; anticoagulation outpatient team
School of pharmacy: North Dakota State University
Residency training: Pharmacy practice residency, VA (Fargo, ND); Geriatrics specialty residency (St. Louis, Missouri)
Email: djrattray@novanthealth.org

Matthew Gibson, PharmD, MS

Title: Clinical Pharmacy Manager
Rotation(s): Administration
Description of learning experience: The rotation provides the resident with an introduction to the general administrative roles within population health and ambulatory services. The resident will become familiar with policy development and review, organization and department structure, strategic planning and problem solving. Emphasis will be place on how the pharmacy department incorporates Novant Health's mission, vision, and values in supporting pharmaceutical care and pharmacy practice. The resident will actively participate in meetings and act as an extension of ambulatory pharmacy leadership. By the end of the learning experience, the resident will have a better understanding of health-system pharmacy and how ambulatory/population health integrates into the health-system.

Ongoing projects:

  • Development of a credentialing and privileging process for clinical pharmacist practitioners (CPP)
  • Expansion of CPP as direct patient care providers in clinics
  • Development of strategies for increasing safe use of opioids in ambulatory setting
  • Development of best practice medication reconciliation processes in the clinic setting
  • Creating strategies to increase team member engagement across the pharmacy enterprise
School of pharmacy: University of Toledo
Residency training: PGY-1/PGY-2 Health System Pharmacy Administration (HSPA), The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio
Email: mgibson@novanthealth.org


Maryann Choy-Ames, PharmD, BCPS

Title: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Rotation(s): Transitions of Care/Gaps in Care
Description of learning experience: The Transitions of Care/Gaps in Care rotation is part of the Novant Health Care Connections department. The rotation consists of assuring appropriate transition of the patient from discharge to home with emphasis on medication reconciliation, medication education provided to patient, comprehensive chart review to ensure appropriate pharmacotherapy selection upon patient discharge, optimization of long term management of chronic disease states, and identification of monitoring parameters. An additional component of this rotation includes pay-for-performance initiatives with third-party payors such as evaluation of high-risk medication utilization, medication adherence, and optimization of pharmacotherapy for chronic disease states.
Ongoing projects: Care Connections Optimization, Medication Assistance, SUSTAIN STEMI, CHF Care Pathway
School of pharmacy: Wingate University School of Pharmacy
Residency training: Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center (Charlotte, NC)
Email: mchoy-ames@novanthealth.org

Mary Ellen Pisano, PharmD, BCACP

Title: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Residency Program Director –PGY1 Am Care
Rotation(s): Diabetes, Research Project
Description of learning experience: This rotation will prepare the resident to work in a diabetes clinical pharmacy service. It will combine experiences in primary care and specialty clinic, as the scheduling allows. Residents work to establish relationships with providers in various practice models and with patients to direct diabetes therapy, facilitate goal setting, and monitor progress. In addition, residents will develop skills in motivational interviewing, drug formulary investigation, and understanding pharmacist-related aspects of commercial and Medicare insurance benefits.
Ongoing projects: NH Diabetes Advisory Council, NH Diabetes Care Pathway
School of pharmacy: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)
Residency training: Erie VA Medical Center (Erie, PA)
Email: mepisano@novanthealth.org

Caitlin Moorman Spangler, PharmD, CPP, BCACP

Title: Clinical Pharmacist Specialist
Rotation(s): Anticoagulation
Description of learning experience: Pharmacists working in the Forsyth Heart and Wellness Medication Management Clinic manage anticoagulation for complex cardiology and hematology patients, including point-of-care INR testing, adjustment of warfarin doses, and peri-procedural anticoagulation management. PGY-2 residents interact with patients in a variety of manners including face-to-face, telephonic and MyChart and develop skills in anticoagulation management and clinic administration.
Ongoing projects: Assessment of anticoagulation management at transitions of care following addition of information on discharge summary; Anticoagulation work group team member
School of pharmacy: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Residency training: Charles George VA Medical Center PGY1 with emphasis in primary care (Asheville, NC)
Email: cmoormanspangler@novanthealth.org

Jennifer Anderson, PharmD, MBA, BCACP

Title: Supervisor, Care Connections Pharmacy
Rotation(s): Research Project
Email: janderson2@novanthealth.org

Justine Maher, PharmD, BCPS, CPP

Title: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Rotation(s): Primary Care
Email: jmaher@novanthealth.org