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Offering competitive compensation and benefits

Novant Health offers physicians competitive compensation and benefits packages based on credentials and experience.

With our Flexible Benefits Program, you make selections for dental and life insurance coverage for yourself and your family. Short-term and long-term disability benefits add an extra measure of protection. You have the opportunity to save taxes on certain healthcare and dependent care expenses through Flexible Spending Accounts.

We also offer the Retirement Plus Plan, which enables you to make pre-tax and after-tax contributions to a 403(b) account. After one year of employment, Novant Health matches $1 for every $1 the employee contributes, up to 6% of pay.

Novant Health physicians are also eligible for a number of additional benefits designed to enhance the quality of your work life.

Flexible Benefits Program

Our Flexible Benefits Program begins on the first day of the month following one full calendar month of employment. Flexible benefits offers choice and flexibility so that you can select the benefits that meet your needs today and change your benefits as your personal needs change.

Our Flexible Benefits Program includes:

  • Medical and prescription drug coverage
  • Dental
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability, with supplemental wrap-around policy
  • Life insurance and supplemental life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Healthcare flexible spending account
  • Childcare flexible spending account.
Retirement Plus

Retirement Plus gives you the tools to prepare for retirement. You are automatically enrolled in Retirement Plus on your date of hire. You will begin contributing to the plan at 3 percent of your pay starting with your first paycheck – unless you elect to change this default election. The benefits of Retirement Plus include:

  • Matched employee savings: after one year of service, Novant Health will match 100 percent of your contribution up to 6 percent of pay
  • Low fees: there are no investment transfer fees and no front-end or back-end charges on any mutual funds in the plan and no fees on any withdrawals
  • Broad options: a wide range of investment options suited to different investing styles and goals
  • Flexible distribution choices: to access your money when you retire, there are several options available to you
  • Pre-tax contributions: lowers your tax burden each pay period; an after-tax option is also available
  • Tax-deferred growth: earnings from investments in your Retirement Plus plan are tax deferred
  • Additional Physician Pre-Tax Savings Plan 457 (b): Physicians may contribute an additional maximum pre-tax annual amount of up to $16,500.
Additional benefits

We offer a wide array of additional benefits and programs to physicians, including:

  • Continuing medical education reimbursement
  • Time off
  • Moving allowance
  • Employee wellness program
  • Child care and after school care at some locations
  • Professional liability coverage.
  • Flexible schedule option

We invite you to search and apply for jobs online or contact one of our HR department team members at a location near you.