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Physician Team Member Paid Leave

Careers Benefits Physician Team Member Paid Leave

Novant Health recognizes the importance of providing eligible Physician Team Members with paid leave opportunities for the following events:

  • Birth Recovery Leave
  • Parental/Bonding Leave
  • Caregiver Leave


See policy Physician Team Member Paid Leave (NH-HR-4090) for eligibility requirements.

Leave highlights
  • Birth Recovery Leave: Provide up to two (2) weeks of paid leave for recovery from childbirth.
  • Parental/Bonding Leave: Provide up to four (4) weeks of paid leave for bonding with a newborn or newly adopted child.
  • Caregiver Leave: Provide one (1) week of paid leave for the care of a parent, spouse or child under age 18, who are experiencing a serious health condition as defined under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

How to request a leave

Follow these three steps to request a paid leave:

  1. Notify your clinic administrator and lead clinician as soon as a need for leave is known.
  2. Contact The Hartford. You can call Hartford Disability/Absence Management at (800)-549-6514 and speak with a representative. Or, you can initiate your leave request online at TheHartford.com/mybenefits.  If applicable, you can use the online portal to start a Short-Term Disability claim and track where your claim is in the process.
  3. Complete the Physician Leave of Absence request form that is in Service Now. For step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Physician Leave of Absence request form, click here.

Who to contact

Questions can be directed to Hartford Leave Administration at 800-549-6514. Novant Health team members can contact the People and Culture Solutions Center at 800-590-5420 or [email protected] and NH NHRMC team members can contact 910-667-6000 or [email protected].