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Applicant FAQs

For general FAQ relating to application process, retrieving your password, browsers and others, please visit the iCims helpdesk questions at https://www4.icims.com/jobseekerhelp.

 How long does the Talent Online Assessment take to complete?

On average, the talent assessments will take 25-30 minutes to complete.

 I received an email stating my application was incomplete and I need to go back and complete the assessment. I cannot get back to the assessment.

Please go to the job portal in which you applied (external positions or internal positions) and login to your candidate profile. Under your candidate profile, you will see all of your current applications.

For the specific application that you have not completed the Talent+ assessment, click on “Continue Application” button below:

photo of incomplete assessment first step, log in and click continue application

Then click on “Final Step!” button, which will take you to the Talent+ assessment.

click final step at the last step of the assessment
 I followed the outlined steps in the previous questions and am still unable to open the Talent+ assessment?

Your browser cache may be preventing you from accessing the assessment. Please follow the steps below to clear your cache.

  1. Open approved browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11)
  2. On your keyboard press and hold CTRL + SHIFT + DEL keys
  3. When the new tab pops up click on “Advanced Tab”
  4. Ensure that “Time Range” field is changed to All Time
  5. Ensure that all checkboxes are checked
  6. Press the clear data button
  7. Close the browser
  8. Start browser again, copy the link and try to access the assessment again
 How do I get updates on the status of my application?

You can log back into your profile on the job portal in which you applied (external positions or internal positions) and follow the application thru the process.

 I did not receive the link for the onboarding.

Check your spam/junk folder. If you still are unable to find the email please contact the HRSC by emailing [email protected]

 I am trying to complete the I9 and it will not let me enter the information.

Please email [email protected] and they will be able to re-send the email for the I9 process.

 I am trying to schedule my appointment for the I9 and badge picture and the link will not work.

Please call Certiphi customer support at 800-803-7860 ext. 2006 and request assistance.

 Overview of recruiting process?

Applications are received by the Talent Acquisition team for a recruiter to review. Top applicants are then routed over to the hiring leader. Applicants who are selected for an interview will be contacted directly by the hiring leader. If you receive an offer, you will be contacted by a recruiter in Talent Acquisition. Those who are not selected will receive an email notification. Each position is different and the timeline for each can vary.