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    Warning Signs During Pregnancy

    What are some warning signs of possible pregnancy complications?

    Certain signs should be reported to your healthcare provider right away during any stage of the pregnancy. These include the following:

    • Bleeding or leaking fluid from the vagina

    • Blurry or impaired vision

    • Unusual or severe stomach pain or backaches

    • Frequent, severe, and/or constant headaches

    • Contractions, where your stomach muscles tighten,¬†before 37 weeks that happen every 10 minutes or more often

    • Decrease in baby's movements after 28 weeks

    • Dizziness

    • Excessive vomiting and diarrhea

    • Fever or chills

    • Pain or burning with urination

    • Swelling of face, fingers, and feet

    • Inability to tolerate foods or liquids

    • Muscular convulsions

    • Have thoughts of harming yourself or your baby