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    Diseases & conditions : Pregnancy and Childbirth


    Topic Index - Pregnancy and Childbirth

    Pregnancy & Childbirth Home

    Planning a Pregnancy

    Signs of Pregnancy / The Pregnancy Test

    Calculating a Due Date

    Prenatal Medical Care


    Pregnancy Overview

    Anatomy: Fetus in Utero

    The First Trimester (0 - 12 Weeks)

    The Second Trimester (12 - 24 Weeks)

    The Third Trimester (24 - 40 Weeks)

    The Pregnant Mother

    Hormones During Pregnancy

    Weight Gain During Pregnancy

    Nutrition During Pregnancy

    Exercise During Pregnancy

    Work and Pregnancy

    Sex During Pregnancy

    Sleeping During Pregnancy

    Multiple Pregnancy

    Overview of Multiple Pregnancy

    Symptoms and Diagnosis of Multiple Pregnancy

    Complications of Multiple Pregnancy

    Care and Management of Multiple Pregnancy

    Newborn Multiples

    Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

    Common Tests During Pregnancy

    Risks to Pregnancy

    Alcohol and Pregnancy

    Smoking and Pregnancy

    Illegal Drug Use and Pregnancy

    Medications and Pregnancy

    Medical Conditions and Pregnancy

    Warning Signs During Pregnancy

    Complications of Pregnancy

    Labor and Delivery



    Care of the Baby in the Delivery Room

    Postpartum Care

    Caring for the Mother: Physically and Emotionally

    Breastfeeding Your Baby

    Breast Milk is the Best Milk

    Getting Started

    How Milk is Made

    Effective Breastfeeding

    Effective Sucking

    Breastfeeding Difficulties - Mother

    Sore Nipples

    Insufficient or Delayed Milk Production

    Low Milk Production

    Flat or Inverted Nipples

    Plugged Milk Ducts


    Breastfeeding Difficulties - Baby

    Ineffective Latch-On or Sucking

    Slow or Poor Infant Weight Gain

    Mismanaged Breastfeeding

    Over-Active Let-Down