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Continuing Medical Education (CME)

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Novant Health Office of Continuing Medical Education (NHOCME)

The Novant Health Office of Continuing Medical Education (NHOCME) is fully accredited by the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS).

The NHOCME prides itself on modeling excellence in the delivery of continuing medical education (CME). In 2013, the NHOCME certified 74 CME activities, which provided 1,310 hours of instruction to over 18,500 physicians and 10,200 allied health professionals, encompassing a broad range of learning models. The program has become a comprehensive provider of CME activities, including regularly scheduled series, symposia, joint sponsorships, enduring materials and online streaming video.

If you have a question about CME, contact our CME office at:
Katherine Gaydos, CME Manager
Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center
3333 Silas Creek Parkway
Mailbox 48
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

or by calling:


Novant Health is accredited by the NCMS to provide continuing medical education for physicians. The NHOCME issues AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ and adheres to NCMS standards regarding industry support of continuing medical education.

Novant Health provides quality healthcare services to the communities served by our facilities and maintains the foundation that supports continuing medical education. The NHOCME sponsors high-quality, balanced, educational activities that instruct participants, facilitate performance improvement and promote professional growth resulting in improved knowledge, competence, performance, patient outcomes and best practice standards.

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