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Caring for women
in all stages of life

From the moment a woman is born, throughout the rest of her life, she passes through distinct stages that require care and understanding much different than for a man. That’s why we established the Novant Health Maya Angelou Women’s Health & Wellness Center at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center. Through each decade of a woman’s life, we bring to you the knowledge of experience, the latest medical innovation and compassionate care to help you achieve the highest quality of life.

We now know that for many diseases and illnesses, women have different symptoms than men and require a different approach to diagnosis and treatment. It’s also no surprise that, often, women become so busy caring for their families that they may neglect their own needs.

At the Novant Health Maya Angelou Center, we understand women’s health and are here to have the types of conversations that help promote women’s health and wellness.

Learn more about some of the services available through the Novant Health Maya Angelou Center:

Providing care through every stage of your life

From teens through adulthood, each decade of a woman's life is an opportunity for growth and the pursuit of vibrant health in mind, body and spirit.

The center coordinates comprehensive healthcare and wellness services specifically designed to meet your unique needs through every stage of life. Download one of the "Decade Cards" (PDF format) below to help you to understand health recommendations based on your stage of life:

(If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download one for free.)