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Depending on your weight loss goals, a nonsurgical weight loss solution may be the best way to start or continue your journey. Novant Health offers the resources and support you need to lose weight and keep it off.

Medical weight management is for patients who:

  • Can successfully lose weight and maintain weight loss without weight loss surgery.
  • Need to lose weight before knee, back or bariatric surgery.
  • Need to lose more weight or maintain weight loss after bariatric surgery.
  • Have insurance that requires the consideration of nonsurgical weight loss options before approving coverage of weight loss surgery.

Novant Health weight loss services offers:

  • Nutritional counseling to develop an eating plan that will work for you. Our certified dietitians understand too many restrictions can hurt, not help. They will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that works with your likes and lifestyle.
  • Information and support to begin and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Learn how the decisions you make and activities you choose can lead to weight loss and better overall health.
  • Metabolic and composition evaluation to help you learn more about your body, and understand how nutrition and lifestyle changes can affect you.A metabolic evaluation includes:
    • A physical exam.
    • A review of your health history.
    • Blood testing to look for vitamin deficiencies or hormonal imbalances.
    • Testing to determine your resting metabolic rate (calories burnt while resting).

    Patients can also receive body composition evaluations to determine your body mass index (BMI), percentage of body fat and lean muscle mass.

    This information will help you set goals for weight loss and overall health improvements, and will allow your provider to address underlying health issues.

  • To get started with a nonsurgical weight loss plan, contact the office most convenient for you.

    Nutritional counseling

    "Eat healthier."

    You’ve heard that advice. And if you’ve tried, you know it’s so much easier said than done. At Novant Health , we don’t just tell you to eat healthier; we provide the tools and advice you need to successfully improve your nutrition.

    Our certified nutrition counselors work with you to:

    • Evaluate your current diet. This can reveal nutrients you are lacking, hidden sources of calories or other concerns.
    • Understand your lifestyle. Is a busy schedule or working odd hours affecting your diet? Your counselor will help you find solutions to get the nutrition you need while accomplishing everything else you have to get done.
    • Give you the guidance you need to make healthy food choices while still enjoying many of the foods you love.

    Healthy Lifestyles

    Nutrition is just one part of a successful weight loss plan. Novant Health offers the support you need to live a healthier life. This includes:

    • Exercise consultations. We will make sure your exercise routine is giving you the most weight loss benefit possible and is positively impacting your health.
    • Lifestyle consultations. We will look for ways to increase the physical activity you get each day and decrease the role food plays.
    • Establishing realistic goals for losing weight and maintaining weight loss.
    • Making sure you have the encouragement you need not just from medical professionals but from people just like you who are losing weight and keeping it off.
    • Contact any of our locations to get the resources you need to make changes now to lead a healthier life.

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