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When you have joint, muscle or bone pain, you want the best orthopedic specialist you can find to examine it and recommend treatment.

At Novant Health, all of our orthopedists have advanced training and experience in treating common conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and fractures.

But the human body contains more than 200 individual bones, all connected by ligaments to other bones with cartilage between them. There are also more than 600 skeletal muscles, each with tendons attaching them to bones. So, it makes sense for an orthopedist to specialize in an area of the body. At Novant Health, our orthopedic physicians are among the most highly-trained and experienced specialists in their field. Our main orthopedic specialty areas are:

Regardless of your orthopedic problem, you can find a Novant Health specialist who can help.