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Supporting your journey to orthopedic wellness

If you have an orthopedic injury or condition, you need an experienced support team to guide you every step of the way back to health and wellness.

Beginning with your first appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists, our goal is to keep you fully informed about your condition and our recommendations for your treatment. We offer classes and seminars, printed materials, online videos, and individual consultation.

If you are a candidate for surgery, we want you to feel confident and comfortable with the entire process. In the weeks prior to your surgery, you may meet with an anesthesiologist or a consulting physician to ensure that you are medically ready to have surgery.

Through pre-operative education classes and conversations with your care team, you will learn about your upcoming surgical procedure, pain control following surgery, recovery and rehabilitation, and how to care for yourself at home.

Some of our hospitals also have transitional care units that can provide you with further nursing care, if necessary, before you go home. Your Novant Health team can also help coordinate your post-operative care, including home health services and rehabilitation.

Special classes and programs

Through it all, we’ll do everything we can to help you regain your strength, mobility, independence and best possible quality of life.

Special classes and programs
Do you have back pain? Most people will at some point during their lives. Novant Health offers classes to help you understand the causes of back pain and ways to manage it. 

Novant Health also offers programs for businesses and organizations on topics such as ergonomic assessments, back pain and other orthopedic issues of interest to your employees or members.