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Using your medical and family history to evaluate your cancer risk

Your genes are direct “footprints” of your family members and all of their family history. Because of this connection to your family history, your genes can be examined to help you predict the likelihood of certain cancers developing. If you are concerned about your personal risk due to a family history of cancer, you will be interested in our cancer genetic counseling program.

Our certified cancer genetic counselors can conduct a thorough assessment of your medical and family history and discuss how this history may influence your risk for cancer. These counselors will also talk about your options to help prevent or detect cancer and may refer you to our Cancer Risk Clinic in Charlotte or the Hereditary Cancer Genetics Clinic in Winston-Salem.

Most insurance plans cover this service and we will help you determine what services are covered under your specific plan.

Contact the Novant Health genetic counselor nearest you to schedule an appointment.

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