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The best way to monitor your breast health

Your time is important – to you, your family and us. That’s why screening mammograms performed at Novant Health imaging and breast centers generally take less than 30 minutes – less time than a typical doctor’s office visit.

Screening mammography - Screening mammograms are the best way to help find breast cancer in its earliest stages, when cure rates are highest. A screening mammogram is for women who do not have significant symptoms, such as a lump or black (or bloody) nipple discharge. If we find a problem during your screening or if you are experiencing unusual symptoms, we may recommend you receive a diagnostic mammogram or other breast imaging procedure to help identify the cause.

Digital mammography - All Novant Health imaging and breast centers use digital mammography – the most advanced technology for the early detection of breast cancer. Digital mammography enables us to immediately view your mammography images on screen, reducing the need for re-exams and the amount of time you spend in the imaging suite.

Digital mammography may be more accurate in screening women who are:

  • Younger than age 50
  • Of any age and have very dense breast tissue
  • Of any age who are pre- or peri-menopausal

Some Novant Health medical centers offer breast tomosynthesis, also called 3-D mammography, which produces a 3-dimensional image of the breast. This new technology provides better visualization that improves cancer detection and decreases the chance of a false positive.

Here are a few things you can do to help prepare for your next mammogram:

  • Let the scheduling specialist know if you have breast implants.
  • Have any films from previous mammograms sent. to the breast center before your exam.
  • Arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your appointment.
  • Wear two-piece clothing so that you can easily remove your top and bra.
  • Bring your insurance information.
  • Do not wear powder or deodorant.
  • Please arrange childcare for small children or ensure that an adult can supervise them during your exam.

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