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Medical records

Easy access to health history and treatment information

Your medical record enables us to share your health history and the progress of your care internally among our staff to ensure we are working together to provide you with top-quality care. Your medical record holds important information about your condition and your stay at one of our facilities and, as a patient, you have access to it. Providing you access means that you can stay more alert on the course of action for your treatment. Since your medical record is the property of the hospital, all doctors involved in your care must complete it before it can be released to you. Therefore, you will receive all copies of your medical records upon discharge from our hospital.

Patient-related information may be released to one of our board-certified doctors or medical facilities for follow-up and continued care of the patient, when needed.

Your medical record is a confidential document; so, to keep you as protected as possible, your written authorization is required before a copy can be released. If you're age 18 or older, you can request an authorization form from the medical records office. A fee may be required to provide your records.

Over the next few years, our hospitals will be transitioning to an electronic medical record similar to the one that is available through all of our Novant Health physician clinics. This will help provide seamless information sharing between your doctors and the hospital.

To learn more about our medical record system, contact the closest Novant Health hospital in your area.