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Women's services

Women are special – but you already knew that

What you may not know is that Novant Health Franklin Medical Center and our Novant Health physicians in the Franklin County area provide many healthcare services designed especially for women. Whether you are a young woman or a mature adult facing medical challenges, we’re here to serve your health needs for life.


young girl and doctorDuring this time of major physical and emotional change in her life, your daughter needs your support and guidance, as well as excellent medical care. We’re here to help you with both, beginning with a wealth of online information and a health library that covers questions that adolescent girls might have.

You’ll find information about menstruation and sexuality
, protection against human papillomavirus (HPV)
, the the first gynecological visit
and maintaining strong bones
can impact your daughter’s physical health and self-image. If she needs help to reach her weight loss goals, Franklin Medical Center offers weight loss programs for adolescents who are referred by their physicians. To find a physician near you, visit our online directory.

Women’s services

young girl and doctorFranklin Medical Center, teaming with our associated Novant Health physicians in this region, treat many conditions common to women – from youth to midlife and beyond. Below are links to additional information, along with contact information for local services.

Behavioral health

Franklin Medical Center obstetricians and gynecologists can evaluate and recommend treatment for conditions such as premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and postpartum depression.

Breast health

Call 919-497-8410 to schedule your annual screening mammogram.

Bone health (osteoporosis)

To schedule an osteoporosis screening, please call 919-497-8410.


To learn more about diabetes classes and programs, call 919-497-8445.

Sleep health

For more information about sleep health services, please call 919-782-7240.

Urinary incontinence

To learn more about urinary incontinence, call 910-487-8414.

Learn more about these and other conditions at